We provide a comprehensive range of security escorts and convoy services to ensure the safe and secure transportation of your cargo from any entry point in Iraq to its final destination. Our experienced team is dedicated to delivering your cargo on time and in perfect condition without any violations or mishaps. In addition to our standard security escort services, we can also provide police escorts for oversize cargo when necessary.
We understand that the transportation of natural materials, particularly samples, requires a high degree of expertise and care. Our team of professional geologists can help you handle and transport natural materials within Iraq by arranging the necessary permits and organizing a special convoy for the safe and secure transfer of the materials.
Working with our clients hand in hand allows helps us understand, tailor and fulfil their specific needs and requirements. Our dedicated and professional local team is always on hand to provide assistance and support to ensure the safe and secure delivery of your cargo, on time of course.

Security services in logistics can provide several benefits to clients, including:
Protection of cargo – our security team can protect cargo from theft, damage or tampering during transportation. This helps to ensure that the cargo arrives at its destination safely and without any loss.
Risk management– we help clients identify potential risks and develop mitigation strategies. This can include identifying potential security threats, analyzing the risk of cargo loss, and developing contingency plans in case of unforeseen events.
Compliance – Shams Ardh Al Attaa assists its clients in complying with local regulations and laws related to cargo transportation. This can include obtaining permits, licenses, and other necessary documentation.
Efficient delivery – optimize your cargo transportation by providing efficient routes and modes of transportation. This helps to reduce the time and cost of transportation, while also improving overall efficiency.
Serenity – by providing a secure transportation environment, our clients know that their cargo is in safe hands, which reduces stress and anxiety related to cargo transportation, allowing our beloved clients to focus on other aspects of their business.